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Online Food Ordering Android Application

A customer oriented online food ordering android application, to engage peoples towards your restaurant. We gives you the control to sell anything, anywhere beautifully.

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About Application

This era is full of mobile apps. People want to get food from their favorite restaurants at their doorstep by a single click. Here is a solution, a customer-oriented online food ordering android application. The food ordering app will handle management tasks. That will reduce the expense and will increase your revenue.

Technology is rising with every passing moment. So, people want all things on a single click in every field. So to achieve the needs of this era, the food ordering app is an essential element for any restaurant, hotel, or cafe. Restaurants of all developed countries like the USA, UAE, Canada, Italy, and Spain are using the online food ordering system to be successful restaurants, among others.

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App Features

The most important feature which will play a vital role in the success of your restaurant is reports and analytics. We create a powerful tool to generate reports to improve business through better decisions. The app we create has two ends one for customers and one for the restaurant’s management. We use reliable on demand food delivery app development platforms to assure that we create the best online food ordering apps that will boost your sales.

Customer Oriented

Get reviews of customers at a single click to make decisions, that how to overcome the demands of customers.

Menu Management

Customizable digital menu, upload pictures, and detailed information of dishes to engage customers.

Push Notifications

Get the attention of customers by sending personalized notifications for your new dishes, discounts, and deals.

Reports & Analytics

Generate reports of sales, consumers, and products on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and make decisions to improve your business accordingly.

Multi-Branch Integration

Manage multiple branches under one roof through an integrated system and serve your customers with fast delivery.

Online Secure Payment Gateway

Customer can pay online by using the secure payment gateway by using credit/debit card

Discover what will make your business more delicious

We provide the out of box technology features that help firms to touch the peak of the sky. We carry your ideas and convert them into on demand unique solution. We deliver a fully integrated solution with a customized user-interface, powerful admin dashboard and advanced analytics panel.

Multiple Admin Accounts

The food ordering app allows vendors to run multiple admin accounts under a single system. It is extremely easy to manage the details of multiple admins. The restaurant owners also have the option to add sub-users to handle the different departments.

Google Map integration

The food app has the feature of Google map integration. It will help you in the search process, provide better access to your desired audience. It also built a trustworthy relationship with the customer and a better connection between the restaurant’s management and the customer.

Customer Feedback

Reviews of customers have been ever helpful in decision making to improve the business in every marketplace. In the online food ordering app, you will find built-in customer reviews and rating system. It will bring transparency and will help in making brand identity and customer’s trust.

Cart Management

Customers can manage their carts. They can add or remove products from the cart and place an order. They also have the facility to track their placed orders. On the other hand, they can select their payment method through payment gateways.

Customer Support

Customer support is the best way to make an ideal relationship with customers. It makes your image in front of the public, enhances your sales, gets more reference for your business, and increase customer’s trust. On demand food delivery app has a proper customer support boot. So, you can provide excellent customer care services to your customers.

Enhanced User Experience

User experience is the crucial element in any product, website, and app because no one will use the website or app if it is hard to use. So, the app will enhance the user experience through its outstanding user-interface and easy to use features.

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